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Product Description

Suppresses pigment production and speeds up cell turnover by using a new scientifically proven approach to skin lightening and depigmentation resulting from systematic hormonal changes or excessive sun exposure.

With this exclusive formula you can scientifically, medically and clinically control and reduce the rate of formation of pigment that is injected into your skin by your melanophores while protecting your skin from further sun induced discolouration.

De-pigment the hyperpigmentated areas. Tone down or tone up your general complexion. Even out all uneven skintone areas. Protect your skin against the sun.

Scheduling Status

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Proprietary Name and Dosage Form

PRECISE SKIN LIGHTENING SUNSCREEN TISSUE CREAM (A new, scientific, international approach to skin lightening and whitening).


Each 100g contains:

Adohramin peptide 5% (melanin pigment inhibitor)

Sunscreen SPF 30. Moisturising Agents, Exfoliating Agents.
No fragrance. No colourants.

Pharmacological Action

1. A skin whitening and lightening agent that inhibits and suppresses the activity of tyrosinase, the key enzyme in the synthesis of pigment melanin which causes darkening of the skin.

2. A high
UVA, UVB (Sun Protection Factor) SPF 30 sunscreen agent which will also lead to skin lightening due to their negative effect on the stimulis for melanin formation combined with melanin depletion over time through the natural skin shedding process.

3. A skin turnover (exfoliation) accelerator that promotes the migration of skin cells to the surface of the skin at such a rate that incorporation of the remaining melanin is incomplete.


Use as general skin lightener and whitener. Skin blemish remover. Toner for uneven pigmentation. Age marks and skin splotches. Pregnancy masks.


For external use only. Avoid sensitive areas eg. the eyes, mucous membranes.
Contact a health care professional if any irritation persists.

Dosage and Directions for Use

Massage gently into the areas required for lightening, concentrating on the blemished and darkened areas once or twice a day.
Keep away from the eyes and mucous membranes.


Soft white cream, vanishing after gentle massaging.


Jars containing 50g.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dark place. Keep tightly closed.
Store below 25c. Keep out of reach of children.
Date of publication of this package insert: August 2005.


Product Description

Exfoliating facial scrub stimulates skin renewal, by effectively removing excess dirt and dead cells as well as sun darkened surface hard cells. Revealing a new silky smooth clear skin.

To be used before applying Precise Tissue Skin Cream .

Directions for Use

Apply with fingertips to damp face and massage in, avoiding the sensitive eye area and any other sensitive areas. Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water. Pat Dry.


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